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With the approach of Fall, the time has come once more to winterize your sprinkler system. To prevent damage caused by freezing temperatures, it’s essential to remove any remaining water in the sprinkler system. This preventive maintenance ensures the longevity of your irrigation system and avoids costly repairs come spring.

For more information on when you should blow out your sprinkler system or to schedule a sprinkler blowout, contact Bednarik Sprinklers. 

Blowout and Winterize

Winterizing your sprinkler system is an important responsibility as a homeowner, especially with Colorado’s fast-changing weather. Blowing out your sprinklers consists of connecting a large volume air compressor to your system and forcing all of the water out of your underground lines with air. When done properly, the process is safe for your sprinkler system and it will ensure you don’t have any unexpected freeze damage in the spring when you’re ready to turn them on again.

Blowouts can be a DIY project, but it comes with some risk. If you do decide to tackle this job on your own, make sure that you first consult with a professional sprinkler company to ensure the job gets done right! 

Why You Should Blowout Your Sprinkler System

Simply turning off the water line to your sprinkler system isn’t enough. If you don’t take the extra step to blow out the lines, there’s a chance that any remaining water inside them will freeze and expand, causing cracks and other damage to your pipes, sprinkler heads, backflow preventer, and more. Even just a small or isolated amount of damage can be costly to repair, and if you don’t catch it right away, it could cost you even more on your water bill.  

It is well worth investing in a sprinkler blowout and winterization from a professional sprinkler company to keep you safe from unwanted headaches. 

Best Time to Blow Out Sprinklers

At Bednarik Sprinklers of Fort Collins, we’ve been doing sprinkler blowouts for over 15 years and we recommend having yours completed by early October. Some proactive homeowners will winterize in September, which gives them added insurance that there will be no freeze damage. An early blowout also helps in that you don’t need to worry about whether or not there will be booking availability as this is our busiest time of year! 

On the other hand, an early blowout means you may have to hand water for a few weeks – just be sure to disconnect the hose. The longer you wait the higher the probability that freeze damage could occur. With the average date of the first freeze in Northern Colorado hovering around the first to the second week in October, it’s certainly risky if you wait beyond that to have your sprinklers winterized. 

Influence of Early and Late Freezing

When planning your sprinkler blowout, it’s critical to consider the fickle climate of Colorado. We know that the weather in our lovely state can have dramatic fluctuations with snow arriving in late September or, in some years, hiding until late November with sunny days all through October. 

Earlier-than-expected freezing can cause unexpected damage, while later-than-expected freezing may cause more hand watering than you hoped for. Considering this, it is important that you reconcile your scheduling for the possibilities that Colorado may bring – we recommend being safe and sticking to the early end of the blowout season just in case. 

DIY Sprinkler Blowout vs. Hiring a Professional

Not all sprinkler systems are the same. Determining what your system needs to be winterized is one challenge, and then doing it correctly is another. 

The problem with DIY sprinkler blowouts is that you have no guarantee you’re doing it correctly and effectively. Each system is a different size and made of different material which means that they will be able to withstand differing amounts of pressure. Without professional experience, you may find yourself doing more damage than good. 

Dangers of Improper Blowouts

Not blowing out your system correctly will lead to a drain on your time, money, and yard health. In the first place, if you utilize too much air pressure and force on your system it will lead to damage. Pipes may break causing significant water leaks, and water leaks can damage your yard and house. 

On the other hand, water that remains in the sprinkler system after the blowout (due to not enough air pressure) will also cause damage. The water will eventually freeze in the piping and expand. This expansion of ice cracks pipes and thus makes your system useless without major repairs. 

These damages will demand time and money to fix, so it’s always worth it to invest in professional blowout services. 

Contact Bednarik Sprinklers for your Sprinkler Blowout

The season for blowing out your sprinkler system is swiftly approaching! This necessary part of lawn and home maintenance can be done on your own, but it’s best left to the professionals. Ease into Fall with peace of mind knowing your system is serviced by an experienced sprinkler team. Schedule an appointment with Bednarik Sprinklers today! We service homes in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Timnath, Windsor, Severance, Johnstown, Laporte, Wellington, and Ault.

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