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Having issues with dead grass, broken sprinkler lines, or rising water bills? If so, you might be wondering if a new sprinkler system is on the horizon. Installing a brand-new sprinkler system can be costly, so you may then be surprised, and relieved, to know that an alternative solution is available – one that is more affordable and just as effective. If your sprinkler system is outdated, beyond repair, and causing you more headaches than you can count, consider a sprinkler retrofit.

What is Retrofitting?

A lawn sprinkler retrofit refers to the process of updating or modifying an existing irrigation system to improve its efficiency or functionality. This might include replacing old components with new, more efficient ones, altering the configuration of the system, or introducing entirely new technology.

Numerous advancements have been made in irrigation technology, ranging from highly efficient sprinkler heads to innovative controllers that adhere to water schedules based on current local weather conditions. Implementing such technologies via a sprinkler retrofit can have a considerable impact on water savings and the overall health and look of your lawn.

Updated Technology and Equipment 

Retrofitting your lawn sprinkler system can bring immediate environmental and economic benefits. Improving water efficiency decreases unnecessary water use; and thus,  retrofitting your current system with a smart controller or a wireless rain sensor will go a long way in reducing waste. Not only is this beneficial to the environment, but it will also help to reduce your water bill. You can also expect new, retrofitted technologies to improve the overall performance of your existing system and in return make your lawn healthier and greener right away. 

You may be surprised by the breadth of retrofit technologies available to improve your current sprinkler system. Read our full list of equipment including master valves, high-efficiency nozzles, flow meters, and more! 

Repairs and Fixes 

While you are upgrading your existing sprinkler system with a retrofit, it is always a good idea to investigate any necessary repairs and fixes. Even with a relatively new system, periods of freezing and thawing can harm components leading to leaks and other failures. If any sprinkler heads are releasing less water than others or in odd directions and angles, you may have some damage to your system. Furthermore, pooling of water is not a good sign and may indicate a pipe leak. 

At Bednarik Sprinklers, we can inspect, repair, and conduct maintenance on your sprinkler heads and pipes. Addressing issues now will save you money down the line! 

Seasonal Packages

As mentioned above, retrofitting your sprinkler system to improve its efficiency, effectiveness, and environmental benefits goes perfectly with maintenance and testing, keeping everything working like new. That’s why Bednarik Sprinklers offers maintenance plans to support the functionality and lifespan of your system. With a sprinkler maintenance plan, you’ll get a variety of benefits including: 

  • Discounts on all Services
  • 2-Year Price Lock 
  • No-Freeze-Damage Guarantee
  • System Efficiency Assessment 
  • Auto-Billing
  • Priority Scheduling 
  • Safe-Water Assurance 
  • Backflow Tests

Ensure peace of mind and optimal performance for your sprinkler system with Bednarik Sprinklers. 

A Greener, Healthier Lawn

Get all the benefits of a greener and healthier lawn by retrofitting your lawn sprinkler system. When your grass is being fed the proper amount of water, it’s going to be healthier, stronger, and more resilient. A completely new sprinkler system installation is a big investment, but you can have peace of mind and keep money in your pocket with a retrofit from Bednarik Sprinklers. Contact us today to learn more!

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