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Water bills always tend to increase in the summertime, putting a strain on your hard-earned money. One of the most vital uses of water is nourishing your lawn, but it also tends to be expensive. Here are the best tips to lower your water bill this summer!

Timing is Key

The first and easiest thing to be aware of is the importance of choosing the right time of day to water your lawn. Avoid watering in the middle of the day because this is when the sun’s heat will easily evaporate the water you use to nourish your grass. The morning and evening therefore are the right times to do so, allowing the soil to properly absorb water; but we recommend sticking to the early morning because it can negate the small chance of running into mildew and fungus issues. 

Choosing the right time of day to water your lawn will increase the efficiency of the water you use and will therefore allow you to use less, saving you money. 

Repair Damages – Sprinkler System Repairs

While this may seem obvious, repairing damages is often overlooked by homeowners. A leaky faucet or crack in a water line may visibly seem negligible, but over time the amount of water you are wasting will undoubtedly add up. 

Invest in sprinkler system repairs on the front end and reap the financial reward when you see your water bill at the end of the month. 

Retrofitting Your Lawn Sprinkler System 

Sprinkler systems are one of the biggest drivers of your overall water bill. A new, efficient sprinkler system can save you money, but you may be surprised at how much cheaper it can be to retrofit your current system with water-saving technology. Below are some of the best money-saving retrofits for a worthwhile sprinkler system repair: 

Smart Controllers

Upgrade your old sprinkler system into a smart irrigation system. Smart controllers simplify the watering process by creating easy scheduling and auto-updating throughout the entire year, not just in summer. You can expect to see 10-50% savings on sprinkler water use alone! Plus, a smart system can adapt to the weather, remotely run sprinklers, and can be monitored from any device to view schedules and usage reports. 

High-Efficiency Nozzles

One of the best upgrades and repairs to your sprinkler system is a high-efficiency nozzle. This improves your system with reduced water usage by slowing the rate of spray – a slower rate of water application gives clay soils (commonly found in Colorado) more time to properly absorb water. More water for your grass and soil, less water running down the sidewalk. 

Pressure Regulated Spray Heads

Colorado passed a law requiring all spray-type sprinkler heads to be pressure regulated – and for good reason. These sprinkler heads prevent excessive water pressure from turning your sprinkler’s output into a mist, which the wind can easily carry away. Pressure-regulated heads provide full pressure in every zone, and the pressure can be controlled at each specific head. This, in turn, ensures that more water is efficiently used on the lawn rather than being wasted.

Master Valve Installs

A master valve benefits your sprinkler system by preventing accidental water waste in the event of a damaged or stuck-open zone valve. The master valve will control water flow into the main piping system and thus the zones as well. 

Flow Meter

A great way to understand your water use and therein control your water bills is the installation of a flow meter. Flow meters can monitor precise water usage while also being able to detect leaks or any other major damage causing significant water loss – this can help to save you money in addition to protecting your home and landscaping investment. 

Wireless Rain Sensor

Rain sensors are the perfect solution to ensure your sprinkler system is not running during the rain, preventing waste of water. For people that set their sprinkler systems to an automatic schedule, the rain sensor will tell your sprinkler controller to shut off if it senses rain. It can be mounted on any flat, vertical surface, such as rain gutters, drains, and fences. 

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a great technology to provide perimeter plants and gardens with the exact amount of water that is required. A perimeter drip zone, garden drip zone, or converting an existing lawn zone to drip is one of the best efficiency upgrades out there. 

Hose Faucets

Sometimes hose faucets can be hard to reach, especially if you are trying to water a garden far away from the central faucet. This can lead to wasting water as you turn on the faucet, run out to the garden to water your plants, then run back to turn it off again. Save yourself this hassle by installing a new hose faucet tied to your mainline where you need it most. 


Many sprinkler repairs and retrofit technologies qualify for rebates through Fort Collins utilities. This means that the costs of installing these upgrades are even less expensive and lead to even more savings! It is always best to consult Fort Collins sprinkler repair specialists to ensure you get the most out of potential rebates. 

Contact the Experts 

We all need ways to reduce our water bills come the summertime. Fortunately, the easiest, quickest, and most cost-effective ways are one step away. If you are ready to save money through sprinkler system repairs or a retrofit, contact the experts at Bednarik Irrigation in Fort Collins today!

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