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If you have an older lawn sprinkler system, you might be surprised at how much cheaper it can be to retrofit compared to installing a brand new system. Even newer systems can benefit from some of the newer water-saving technology available these days. 

Below you will find some awesome sprinkler system retrofit options available to help you save water and improve the overall performance of your existing Fort Collins sprinkler system. Many of these retrofits will qualify for rebates through Fort Collins utilities!

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Smart Controllers

Are you still watering your lawn with 1980’s technology? We are a leader is smart irrigation system installations in Northern Colorado and can help you update your system.

Take Control of Your Watering.

Traditional sprinkler timers can be a pain to program. Smart controllers simplify your scheduling and automatically update themselves all year.

Save Water. Save Money.

Users can see a 10-50% savings on their water use, while keeping their landscape beautiful and healthy all season.

Operate Anywhere, Anytime.

Monitor and control your irrigation system from any device. Easily view schedules, run sprinklers, view usage reports, share access, from any Android, iOS, laptop or computer.

Adapts for Weather

No more messing with rain sensors that don’t work. Smart controllers automatically optimize your schedule based on the latest weather forecast, so you’ll never water in the rain.

We Recycle Old Controllers

We participate in a local controller recycling program. Rest assured that your old controller will not end up in the landfill.

Rebates Available

Click here to read more about the Fort Collins Sprinkler rebate program. Up to $100 rebate available to Fort Collins Utilities customers.

Rebates Available

High-efficiency Nozzles

High-efficiency nozzles are hand-down one of the best improvements you can make to your existing system to improve and reduce your water usage. Every manufacturer has a version of a high-efficiency nozzle, however, we prefer the Hunter MP rotators. These low precipitation rate nozzles apply water at roughly ⅓ the rate of a traditional spray nozzle. This slower application rate gives our poor clay Colorado soil more time to absorb water. This means more of your water ends up in the soil, instead of running off down the street.

Rebates Available

Pressure Regulated Spray Heads

Colorado recently passed legislation requiring all spray type sprinklers heads sold in the state be pressure regulated. So, what’s so great about a pressure regulated head? Too much pressure causes sprinklers to “mist”, which results in your water blowing away with any amount of wind. This is a very common problem on systems with really high water pressure. Regulating the entire system can result in poor performance on some zones but not others. A pressure regulated head allows you to keep full pressure to every zone but regulate the pressure right at each head! This results in much more of your water staying on your lawn. We highly recommend using pressure-regulated heads in combination with high-efficiency nozzles.

Master Valve Installs

A master valve controls water flow into the mainline piping system and valve manifolds. It is designed to come on before any subsequent zone valves are scheduled to turn on. The master valve will prevent accidental water waste in the event of a damaged or stuck-open zone valve.

Rebates Available

Flow Meters

Avoid catastrophic leaks and monitor outdoor water use with a sprinkler system flow meter. Installed at the source of your sprinkler supply (usually after backflow preventer) a flow meter can monitor your precise irrigation water usage, provide leak detection and water usage reports. A flow meter can be added to many existing systems to help protect your home and landscaping investment.

Rebates Available

Wireless Rain Sensor

A rain-sensor can tell your sprinkler system controller to shut off and prevent sprinklers from running in the rain. The rain-sensor can be mounted on any flat vertical surface or rain gutter. Rain-sensors are not compatible with all controllers but are a good option if you’re not ready to upgrade to a smart controller. Please contact us to determine if a rain-sensor is right for your sprinkler system.

Drip Irrigation

Whether you want to add a new perimeter drip zone, a garden drip zone or convert an existing lawn zone to drip, we’d love to help. Micro irrigation is the most efficient way to provide your perimeter plants and vegetable garden exactly the right amount of water.

Rebates Available

Hose Faucets

Need better access to a hose faucet in the summer? We can install a beautiful cedar or pressure-treated wood post with a hose bib that is tied directly to your irrigation system mainline, giving you quick access to water for gardens or hard to reach parts of your yard.

Seasonal Packages

Learn How to Save on Sprinkler Retrofits with one of our seasonal maintenance packages

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