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Wellington sprinkler service


Sprinkler Maintenance and Installation in Wellington

Bednarik Sprinklers is a locally owned residential irrigation company that is proud to serve homeowners all across Northern Colorado, including Wellington. We specialize exclusively in lawn/landscape sprinkler systems and have installed, retrofitted, maintained, and repaired thousands of irrigation systems since we opened almost 20 years ago. If you’re looking for a trusted, top-rated sprinkler company to help keep your system running efficiently and at peak performance, give us a call!

“For years and for good reason, Bednarik is the go-to for Fort Collins residents who know who to trust with excellent knowledge and thorough, reliable service on irrigation and landscape services.”

 –Kathy B.

Sprinkler Installation

Whether you are installing a new landscape or improving an old one, a high-efficiency sprinkler system can make a world of difference. At Bednarik Sprinklers, we offer professional sprinkler installation services that promote healthy, lush landscapes all year round. Our experienced team will provide fast and efficient installation of a sprinkler system that is designed to address your property’s unique needs.

Our sprinkler installation process starts with a comprehensive analysis of your property. We’ll identify specific irrigation requirements and establish proper zoning areas. Our skilled technicians will then go to work using their extensive knowledge to design a sprinkler system that guarantees consistent and optimal watering across every corner of your lawn or landscape. Once we’ve drafted a design plan, we’ll set up a time to install your sprinkler system, which includes positioning of sprinkler heads, pipelines, and controllers.


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Sprinkler retrofit - Wellington - Bednarik Sprinklers

Sprinkler retrofits

Upgrading your current sprinkler system can improve its efficiency and save valuable resources. At Bednarik Sprinklers, we offer time- and money-saving sprinkler retrofitting services to homeowners in and around Wellington.

If you have an older lawn sprinkler system, you might be surprised at how much cheaper it can be to retrofit compared to installing a brand-new system. Retrofitting your sprinklers will not only help conserve water but also ensure your landscape receives the right amount of irrigation. Whether you want to retrofit the entire system or just a part of it, we can diagnose your current system’s condition and propose a suitable solution. Regardless of your sprinkler model, our team members have the expertise to retrofit and upgrade all types of sprinkler systems.

Save Money and Avoid Headaches With a Sprinkler Maintenance Package!

Maintaining an efficient and effective sprinkler system is a crucial aspect of lawn care. This is where a sprinkler maintenance plan comes into play. When you sign up for a sprinkler maintenance plan with Bednarik, we can help ensure your sprinkler system functions efficiently and flawlessly, all year long. Maintenance plans usually include a spring start-up, a fall blowout, as well as backflow testing, and more. A maintenance plan will allow you to save money by bundling services and also give you priority scheduling on all of your appointments.

Sprinkler Blowouts

Winters in Windsor, Colorado can be tough. With bouts of waist-deep snow and temperatures that are below zero, you’ll want to make sure your sprinklers are properly protected before the first freeze. Blowing out sprinklers at the end of the season is an important step toward maintaining the long-term functionality and efficiency of your sprinkler system.

Can you blow out your sprinklers yourself? Although technically you can, that doesn’t mean you should. Although some homeowners may choose to attempt this task on their own, it’s recommended to have a professional handle the job in order to avoid the risk of costly damage to your system. For over 15 years, Bednarik Sprinklers has been handling sprinkler blowouts in Windsor and all across Northern Colorado. Our team uses high-power compressed air to forcefully clear all water from your sprinkler system, making sure it remains functional and intact throughout the harsh winter months.

sprinkler blowouts in fort collins - Wellington - Bednarik Sprinklers
sprinkler repair in fort collins - Wellington - Bednarik Sprinklers

Sprinkler repairs

Bednarik Sprinklers is proud to be Wellington’s go-to service provider when it comes to sprinkler system emergencies, routine maintenance, and preventative care. With a keen eye for detail and a deep knowledge of various sprinkler systems, we diagnose problems quickly and work diligently to resolve the issues effectively. Whether it’s a broken sprinkler head, faulty wiring, a leaky pipe, or inefficient watering, you can trust that your sprinkler system is in good hands with Bednarik Sprinklers!

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Contact Bednarik Sprinklers for Maintenance and Installation in Wellington

At Bednarik Sprinklers, we always strive to provide Wellington with the best quality services. We focus on building strong relationships with our customers by delivering professional, efficient, and affordable sprinkler system solutions. For more information or to schedule a service appointment, feel free to contact us today.

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