Sprinkler Maintenance Packages

Let us keep your landscape irrigation system working flawlessly all year

While all of our services are offered on an as-needed basis, we now offer multi-tier service maintenance packages to help you maintain your system with confidence. These comprehensive packages ensure that your sprinklers are working efficiently all year, while saving you money by bundling services.

Services may include spring start-up, winterization, backflow testing, mid-season check-ups, discounts on parts/other services, and more!

2021 Season

Sprinkler Maintenance Packages


Number of Annual Services
Mid-Season Tune-Up(s)
Service Call/ Material Discount


per visit*
Number of Annual Services : 2
Mid-Season Tune-Up(s) : 0
Service Call/ Material Discount : 5%


per visit*
Number of Annual Services : 3
Mid-Season Tune-Up(s) : 1
Service Call/ Material Discount : 10%


per visit*
Number of Annual Services : 4
Mid-Season Tune-Up(s) : 2
Service Call/ Material Discount : 15%


per visit*
Number of Annual Services : 5
Mid-Season Tune-Up(s) : 3
Service Call/ Material Discount : 20%

*Price above is the cost per visit for a 1-4 zone system. Larger systems will be more. Click the sign-up button for detailed pricing and plan customization options.

2021 Season

Package Details


Receive 5-20% off all of services, depending on the plan you’re on


We’ll bill your card after each service. No prepayment required!

2-Year Price Lock

Your maintenance prices are locked in for two years

Priority Scheduling

We preschedule all of your appointments for the year

No-Freeze-Damage Guarantee

If there is damage in the spring, we’ll fix it (conditions apply)

Safe-Water Assurance

Peace of mind that your drinking water is safe (requires optional backflow test)

System Efficiency Assessment

Helps identify ways to improve the efficiency of your system

Backflow Test

We offer optional backflow testing all year long

Maintenance FAQs

Do I have to start my plan at the beginning of the year?

No, you can start your plan at any time.

How long is the commitment?

1 Year. You must complete all the services on your plan.

Can I cancel if I sell my house or any other reason?

Yes, you can cancel anytime.

Is there a cancellation fee? How much is the cancellation fee?

There are no cancellation fees, however, you will be charged for any discounts on services already completed at the time of the cancellation.

Can I prepay for the package?

No, we require a credit card on file which will be billed after the completion of each service.

Do I have to pre-pay for the plan?

No. We require a card on file for billing after the completion of each service.

Do I have to keep a credit card on file?

Yes, we require a card on file to be on a plan.

What does priority scheduling mean?

We pre-schedule all your appointments for the year. In the event that you need us for a service call, between regular maintenance appointments, we will fit you in with a higher priority level than regular customers.

Can I downgrade or upgrade my plan?

Yes, contact us to downgrade or upgrade. You will only pay (or receive a credit) for the difference in discounts you already received.

What if my system is damaged?

Your system must be in operational condition before signing up for a plan.

Maintenance plans are great for:

  • Getting the very best prices we offer (all plans include built-in savings and are locked for 2 years)

  • Discounts on other services we offer (such high-efficiency retrofits and smart controllers)

  • Rental properties (we coordinate with your tenant so you don’t have to)

  • Pre-scheduling seasonal maintenance (great for people that forget to schedule)

  • Conservation minded individuals (we reprogram your controller with each visit for optimal efficiency)

  • New home-owners (we take the hassle out of understanding how to use your sprinkler system)

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