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Regular sprinkler maintenance visits are crucial in ensuring a properly running underground sprinkler system and healthy landscape. 

Sprinkler systems often run in the middle of the night so issues can go unseen until it’s too late. This can result in water waste and dying plants/lawn. One broken sprinkler head can waste 1,000’s of gallons of water before it’s noticed. Don’t be a water waster! 

Let us take care of all your annual sprinkler maintenance needs, including start-ups, mid-season tune-ups, winterizations (blowouts) and backflow testing. We can perform these services on an individual basis or we also offer seasonal maintenance plans if you’d like to bundle services together.

Need sprinkler maintenance?

Start-up (Turn-On)

Start the season with a sprinkler start-up. We recommend turning on your sprinklers after the last hard-freeze of the spring. This usually occurs in late-April or early-May in Northern Colorado, depending on the weather. During the start-up appointment we’ll do a complete assessment and get your system running for the year.


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Tune-ups (Mid-Season Adjustment)

Because the system runs in the middle of the night, problems can go unnoticed. We recommend at least one mid-season tune-up in the summer to reprogram your controller and make sure things are still working properly. Your sprinkler system run times should be adjusted monthly to operate at peak efficiency. 


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Winterization (Blowout)

End the season with a sprinkler blowout. We recommend shutting down your system and blowing water out all the underground lines before the first freeze of the season. This usually occurs between late-September and early-October. A sprinkler blowout is a necessity to avoid costly freeze damage.


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Backflow Testing

Your backflow prevention device protects your drinking water from being cross contaminated with your sprinkler system water. A backflow test can be completed anytime your sprinkler system is pressurized (typically May-September). We have 3 certified backflow testers on our team.


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Sprinkler Audit / Efficiency Assessment

An irrigation audit can be performed to measure the efficiency of your sprinkler system. An auditor will collect data about your sprinkler system, including design uniformity, precipitation rate of sprinklers and general condition of the system. The auditor can then make recommendations to improve your system and suggest proper sprinkler run times based on site conditions.

Controller Programming

Sprinkler controllers can be a pain in the grass to program. Your controller should be reprogrammed on a monthly basis, all summer long, to ensure your lawn is getting exactly the amount of water it needs to stay happy. Running too much in spring/fall can result in water waste. Running too little in the summer can result in a stressed out lawn. We will program your controller during regular maintenance visits but we’d be happy to come out and help with just the controller too.

Head Raising / Leveling / Straightening

Sprinkler heads can settle or get pushed up out of the ground by roots over time. This results in misaligned heads that do not spray properly. Over time you’ll notice grass start to suffer around these heads because they no longer spray uniformly from “head-to-head”. Our normal start-up and tune-up services do not include head raising / leveling / straightening but we will point out the trouble heads and will be happy to provide a quote to come back and fix them.

Seasonal Packages

Learn How to Save on Sprinkler Repair Costs with one of our seasonal maintenance packages

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