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Sprinkler Start-up Service

Ensure Your System Is Ready this Spring

Spring is one of our favorite seasons in here Fort Collins! Time to get get those sprinkler systems activated.

With our spring sprinkler start up service we will go through your entire system*, make sure it is working properly and set it to meet your watering needs. In Fort Collins we usually start sprinkler systems in late-April or early May, depending on the weather.

2024 Flat Rate Price:

$120 (1-4 stations)
$130 (5-8 stations)
$160 (9-12 stations)
$195 (13-16 stations)

More than 16 stations or a commercial property? Call or email for a quote.

Save 5-20% off this service with a Maintenance Plan!

Here’s what’s included:



  • Visual inspection of entire system
  • Condition backflow preventer seals w/ grease
  • Inspect backflow device for freeze damage
  • Properly turn on main water supply
  • Run each valve to ensure functionality
  • Check wire connections & continuity for each zone
  • Assess controller condition & replace backup battery if required (parts extra)
  • Inspect and adjust each sprinkler head
  • Clear/clean clogged nozzles
  • Set sprinkler controller according to your needs
  • Inspection report & estimate for repairs

*Please note

We do not check hidden/buried drip emitters during a basic start-up. We do not include raising/leveling of sprinkler heads or any extra troubleshooting/repairs with our sprinkler start up service. Additional troubleshooting/repairs will be quoted and billed separately.

Seasonal Packages

Learn How to Save on Your Sprinkler Start-Up with one of our seasonal maintenance packages

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We are now open for the 2024 season! We'd love to help with all your Northern Colorado sprinkler system needs. Call, text or email us to get on the schedule!Schedule Online