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Fort Collins Sprinkler Services

Your Fort Collins lawn should be as healthy, green, and beautiful as the nature around you. No matter if you need a new sprinkler system or repairs to an existing system, you can trust the experienced sprinkler professionals at Bednarik Landscape Irrigation.

Your lawn is an extension of your home and an important part of how you live and spend time outside. Don’t miss out on enjoying the great Colorado outdoors because of dry or dead grass. With years of experience, we understand the unique circumstances and issues of creating a beautiful lawn in Fort Collins. The Bednarik team is here to offer a variety of irrigation sprinkler services in Fort Collins, including:

Sprinkler Maintenance

We keep your sprinkler system running well so you don’t have to worry about inefficient sprinklers increasing your water bill or leading to dry and dead grass. Our preventative maintenance helps your sprinklers stay in top condition. Our teams turn on and set up sprinkler systems every spring and blow them out and winterize them when the weather gets colder. Our maintenance services cover everything from leaky heads to pressure issues and all other troubleshooting. Sprinkler maintenance makes sure your system is clean and running properly to avoid major repairs.  

Sprinkler Repair

If your sprinklers start leaking or not working properly, you need a trusted company you can call right away. Bednarik offers a wide variety of sprinkler repairs in Fort Collins to quickly get your system up and running smoothly again. We cover everything from backflow repairs to manifold rebuilds, wire tracing, valve replacement, and more. A broken or damaged sprinkler system can be stressful, but our team knows every inch of the sprinkler system and can quickly locate and resolve the issue while trying to keep leaking water to a minimum. 

Sprinkler Retrofit

Ready to move into the 21st century with your sprinkler system? We can update any old system with smart technology that simplifies your scheduling and automatically adjusts based on the weather and needs of your lawn. Don’t get stuck with outdated equipment—it’s possible to add new features without installing a completely new system. A sprinkler retrofit updates your old system with new technology to create a more efficient and smarter system that can help conserve water and lower your water bill. We can turn any system into a modern sprinkler system with improved valves and high-efficiency nozzles. Our sprinkler retrofit services also include adding garden drip lines and irrigation. 

Sprinkler Installation

Tired of watering your lawn with a hose? Just move into a new house? Turn to Bednarik to install a new sprinkler system. An underground sprinkler system is the most efficient way to keep your lawn and garden healthy and green, and it saves water and money from watering by hand. Our professionals can install a new sprinkler system to meet your exact needs based on your yard size, location, and landscaping to ensure even and efficient watering. With our trench-less installation equipment, we can even install an underground sprinkler system without damaging any existing grass. 

Don’t trust your lawn to just anyone. Bednarik Landscape Irrigation is a trusted Fort Collins company with years of experience. We aim to not only improve our customers’ lives with lower water bills and more efficient sprinklers, but we aim to help the environment too with less wasted water. We create sprinkler systems that work for you with the best technology and intelligent irrigation practices. 

Don’t let another season pass you by without a high-performing sprinkler system. Call Bednarik today to see what we can do for you. 

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